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If you have questions about any of our products or services at We - please feel free to complete the online request form below, which will allow We to provide you with the information you really need.
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Demo Request

We will be traveling throughout the US and Canada next year doing blasting demonstrations. Our demonstrations have been very popular and offer hands on experience with our ST1650/2500 multi-media blasters. We generally travel with all of our medias, to taper the demonstration to your specific needs. We are trying to book our demos early, giving us enough time with each customer. This year we were booking them 4 weeks in advance, and we found the need outweighed our allotted time and we could not get to everyone. Let us know early if you would like us to come visit, and we will book you on our next trip.

Common Questions:

Where will the demo be?

Our demonstration schedule is built around you, the customer. We build our travel plans around the requests we have for demos. When we do start planning our trips we will use the North East, South East, etc as our guidance. In other words, make the request and we will do our best to accommadate.

Do I have to be a business?

Many of our demos are for private individuals considering starting a business. All we ask is that if you want to see the blasting, then have a place for us to set-up, and blast.

How long are the demos?

It takes roughly two hours to do a demo.

What is included in the demo?

We will walk through:
Set-up of the equipment
Operation of the compressor and blaster
Hands on blasting (about 30 min, with the media of your choice, depending on application interested in)
Question and answer

What does the demo cost?

The demo is free, however, if it’s late in the day a cold beer is always a nice gesture.

If you would like to have a demonstration, please call Marian at 800 771 7632 or CLICK HERE to fill in our demonstration request form.





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